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What I want for Christmas – 2013

I’ve been noticing my “What I Want For Christmas” post from last year is getting a lot of hits. Makes sense. It’s the festive holiday season and civilians on the interweb are on the hunt for gift ideas. So, I thought to myself – “what do I want for Christmas this year…”

I typically write a list of materialistic items, print it out and leave it on the fridge for various family members to see. While I’d appreciate a nice knitted sweater or two, to be honest, I don’t want anything. Seriously. I don’t NEED anything. Plus, what I truly want this year is not something someone can wrap in a big red bow. Lately, I’ve been making a serious effort to re-start myself. This means working on my confidence, health, learning new skills, letting a variety of new friends into my life and most importantly, pin-pointing exactly where I want my career to go. It’s certainly a process, but an important one nonetheless. The year 2014 is a fresh canvas and I’ve been preparing myself to be a well-rounded, independent young lady THEN, once the new year hits, I move onto the next big step.

If I can ask for anything this holiday season, it’s a miracle. I know what I want to do and where I want to be, yet, I also know I can’t have it right this second. I’ve already attempted once, and failed. In the new year I’m getting back up, will be more patient and continue to keep working hard (but if that miracle can happen sooner than later, that would be greeeeeeeeeeat. K thanks Santa).



  1. I love this post and this cute picture!! I love the twinkling lights in the background =) I feel the same way this year, as I really don’t need anything, but pretty, shiny, and new things are nice! But seriously, I admire you for thinking about less materialistically this year and more about the big picture. =)

  2. danibell3 says

    That’s a beautiful way of looking at things, and now that I think about it, it probably wouldn’t hurt to go into the new year with the same kind of attitude 🙂 x

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