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How to do Cara Delevingne’s bold and beautiful eyebrows


Cara Delevigne is having a moment. She’s one of the most popular models in the industry, her face everywhere—from Burberry billboards to Vogue UK covers—and did we mention she spends her free time hanging out with royals? While we don’t want to reduce her appeal down to one single aspect, it’s impossible to mention Cara without talking about her prominent eyebrows. Bushy, bold and totally becoming, Cara Delevinge’s eyebrows make us never want to touch tweezers ever again. However, that’s not all it takes to achieve her iconic look. We spoke withTweezerman brow expert Mary Dhang about Cara Delevinge’s eyebrows and she shared the steps to achieving this luscious look. Runway-worthy brows for all!

One: Let your eyebrows grow in as big as possible. (This may take a few weeks, so be patient!)

Tip: Use castor oil or RapidLash ($50, to speed up the growth process.

Read my full article on FASHION Magazine by clicking here: Eyebrow How-To

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