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What’s In My Bag

Feeling nosey? Take a look at what I carry in my bag everyday! 🙂

My leather tote with the cute gold detailing is from Guess. My lovely boyfriend gave it to me as a birthday present! I love that it has a lot of storage space and it has choice of a long or short strap. It’s also the perfect size, not too big, not too small.


I always carry the current book I’m reading. At the moment I’m reading the final book of the Harry Potter series (can you believe I’ve never read them as a kid?). Also, I keep a pen and paper with me at all times, just in case I need to jot down an idea, directions or contact information on the go.


Gum is a purse essential. No one likes staaaaanky breath after lunch! I always chew half a piece at a time (I don’t know why I do that, I just always have). I also love having these Hello Kitty sniff’s for when winter gets the best of my nose (or allergies). I also always carry either Tylenol, Gravol or Ibuprofen because you never want a headache, cramps or an upset stomach to ruin your day.


I carry sunglasses all year round! These are my winter shades from DKNY. I also carry lip gloss and my Rosebud Salve within the easy-to-reach pocket inside my purse. Also, in that pocket, I carry my travel size hand sanitizer in Creamy Pumpkin and hand lotion in Cozy Autumn Vanilla. They smell so yummy! I don’t know who else does this, but I carry extra jewellery incase I forgot to put on any bling that day (usually peal earrings and bracelet). I also carry a teasing comb, hair ties and bobby-pins.


iPhone and ear plugs. Essentials.


I have a packed make-up bag, but trust me, I need all of it! I carry this much because I can unexpectedly decide to sleep over at a friends or my boyfriends house after work. Therefore, I have everything I need for the next day! If I only had to carry five of these, I’d choose my Olay lotion with shea butter, Avon highlighter in Revitalized, Maybelline Turbo Boost mascara, Too Faced brow pencil and Maybelline Dream Matte Powder.


Definitely need to carry my key chain around. It holds important cards such as my Presto card (to take the train every day) and security card (to get into my building at work).


My Chanel wallet holds all my cash dollars ($6.13…….aka lunch money). I’m notorious for saving all my old movie tickets (the one featured is “Safe Haven” but I have ones as old as the first “Hangover” movie). I also carry the important cards such as a Snakes and Lattes gift card, Sephora Insider card and my Plum Rewards for when I buy my monthly magazines.


That is all! Hope you all enjoyed the contents of my purse!



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