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Caught my first fish!

Another summer goal crossed off!

5. Go to Keswick and canoe/fish on the lake with my boyfriend. 

The past two days my boyfriend and I ventured to Keswick to relax, hang out, and get away from our jobs to enjoy some summer to ourselves. During the day we mostly spent our time reading on his back porch (because we can be an elderly couple sometimes), barbecued some hamburgers, and watched more episodes of Gilmore Girls (currently on season 4, where Rory goes off to Yale).

Before dinner, Kyle and I went to go sit by the lake. Pretty huh?

It was a private area that was fenced off, but we hopped the fence anyway ’cause we’re reckless and young… obviously. While I was hopping over, trying to be some sort of “rebellious” teenager, a piece of the fence caught onto my jean pocket and ripped a small whole. Not the smartest idea I’ve ever had, but I think it adds character.

In the evening, his mom would start cooking dinner where she would make the BEST steak and potatoes in the entire WORLD! I don’t know what seasoning she uses or how she prepares them, but I told Kyle it’s honestly my favourite dinner anyone could ever make for me, but…don’t tell my own mom that.

We went to the movies after dinner and saw “Snow White and the Huntsman” starring Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth. First 15 minutes were fantastic, but the movie sadly declined. Adequate entertainment to say the least.

On the second night, before shamelessly watching the LA Kings lose to the NJ Devils, Kyle took out fishing rods from his garage, bought a bucket of worms from a convenience store (only in Keswick) and we went off on our own little fishing adventure. I thought I’d be able to leave my girly-girl side of me behind and be able to grab a nice juicy worm from the bucket and stick it on the hook myself…but there was NO way it was happening. THE WORMS WERE HUGE! So, like a gentleman, Kyle did it for me! 🙂

Next time I’ll do it myself, I swear.

He also taught me how to “cast the line” in the water. In the process of his demonstration, his line got tangled in the water and had to reel it back in. When he did, THERE WAS A FISH ON HIS HOOK! Show off.

I gave it a go and within 3 minutes, I CAUGHT MY FIRST FISH! I was overly-excited and anyone who walked by at this moment knew I was not someone from “around these parts” since I was SO excited to catch the tiniest fish in the lake.

We released all we caught, but I snatched a good 5 different kinds of fish within the 20 minutes we were out there. I told Kyle next time we go up to Keswick, we have to get a boat and catch the big guys out in the lake. I think I’m ready to catch them bigger fish for dinner.



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