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10 things I need to start doing

1. Drink a lot more water
I drink at least 2 or 3 glasses a day, but I need to triple that!

2. Eat fruit and vegetable and natural foods
I’m trying my best this summer to eat a little more healthily. For snacks instead of grabbing for chips or cookies, I go for cheese slices or carrots. But, sometimes I will cave in and eat an entire carton of ice cream. I need to stop doing that.

3. Read a book
I want to read A LOT more but when I get home from work I crash and don’t want to do anything but sleep and veg. I do bring a book to work and read on my break, but I want to read more than just fifteen minutes a day.

4. Go to bed earlier
11:30pm is early for me, so around that time is usually my goal every night.

5. Do not judge or compare myself to others
We all have this problem.

6. Do not pull things off
Especially in the summer when I’m always feeling a little lazy. I need to start being productive on my days off.

7. Do more pilates
I do pilates at least twice a week, but I should get in the habit of doing it every other day.

8. Live in a tidy space
I do my best, I swear.

9. Remember that all the effort you are making now will pay off in the end
I need to have this written somewhere in my room.

10. Go outside more.
Like…A LOT more. When’s the last time I was on a bike? Probably when I was 10.

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