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Engagement party and why you shouldn’t trust kimchi

Hey all!

I know I’ve been M.I.A for the past few days, but after exams I needed a much deserved break! My boyfriend and I went to Keswick for the weekend where we permanently situated ourselves on the couch and watched The Game Show Network (Newlyweds Show and Family Feud mostly) while eating bottomless pits of Smart Food.

In the middle of our couch potato laziness, we DID got up for two very important reasons

1) Attending our first engagement party.

Kyle’s friends Matt and Mel are tying the knot! Did I mention they’re our age? TWENTY-ONE! It freaks me out! The thought of ’till death do us part at this age is crazy because…after marriage is babies…and saving up for their future…and having your own career…and buying a house…and insurance…and mortgages…AHH, ADULT RESPONSIBILITIES!

The average age to get married in 2012 is 26-28, so you can understand why young adults like myself get freaked out when the thought of “I do” is SOO far in the future. I guess 21 isn’t TOO young, but I still think of myself and all of my friends as 16 sometimes…

On the plus side, it was an excuse to make Golden Graham Clusters for the party (soooooo tasty)! They’re SUPER easy to make. Perhaps the dessert is a little childish for such a fancy party, but I’d like to think I’m keeping everybody young.

Click HERE for the recipe.

On to the second reason Kyle and I got off the couch this weekend.

2) Kyle’s trip to the doctor’s

During my stay, Kyle constantly felt sharp abdominal pains. He couldn’t walk, sleep, or eat for a few days. On Saturday, I drove him to the clinic because his body was not responding normally to any food. The doctor said it was a bowel infection caused by food poisoning. We blame kimchi to be the culprit. Darn you kimchi!

He’s doing fine now! He has his medication and is on a strict pasta, rice, and Coca Cola diet! 🙂

The doctor was SUCH a character, I couldn’t help but crack a smile every time he talked.

“Koooylleee, how are you today Koooylleee, why is a young man like you doing at the doctors? I bet she dragged you here!”

Well of course I did. If I didn’t, this would have been him the rest of the weekend…

Moving right along, now that I’m back home and re-energized, it’s time to get cracking on my summer list!

Starting with, cleaning my room! Tomorrow i’m dedicating my day to every nook and corner, anything I don’t need I’m getting rid of! Not to mention I may go on a Value Village trip and complete another goal…hmm. I’ll definitely be filming a video of my finds on my YouTube channel as soon as I go!

That’s all for now, make sure to leave a comment and tweet me @Jessica_Moy if you want to say hello!

XO Jessica

P.s. I’ve been practicing my Scrabble strategies all weekend. I have moves like you wouldn’t believe. Challenge me, I dare you.

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