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On the second day of arriving to Japan we said sayonara to the bustling city of Tokyo, even though we sadly didn’t party with robots or go to Hello Kitty Town. So much to do, so little time. Sigh. But, onwards we went and hopped on a bus toward Japan’s highest mountain, MOUNT FUJI! The mountain stands at 3,776 metres and is actually an active volcano. No need to worry, the last time Mount Fuji erupted was the year 1708. Even if it did erupt while we were there, HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?! Destructive, yes, but to see a volcano erupt in front of you would be the cat’s pyjamas. Did I really just say cat’s pyjamas.. It’s currently 4:30AM and I’m jet lagged AF so let’s not judge my lack of better word choices. We took the bus up Mount Fuji, which was a couple hours of consistently going around in circles but the view the entire trip was spectacular. Mountains and clouds swarmed my sight, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Our heads were …


Earlier this month I boarded a plane with my dad, uncle, and aunt to fly 15 hours from Toronto, Canada to Toyko, Japan! It was the first time I’ve crossed the ocean to the other side of the planet (big things happening in the world of Jessica Moy)! Asia has always been my top travel destination, especially after taking an Introductory to Global Asia course in university. It opened my mind to the cultural diversity of the continent and their unique influences on the world. I told myself one day, I will travel to this wondrous place of historical significance and because, you know, I wouldn’t hate an endless supply of Hello Kitty paraphernalia and xiao long boa. First destination on my Asia trip = Tokyo! The morning after we arrived in Tokyo we made our way to the Sensoji Temple, a Buddist temple in Tokyo known to be the oldest, built in 645 C.E., and one of the most colourful. It was quite wonderful and home to every tourist who owns a selfie stick. Later in the afternoon …


BRB, will explain more in detail (re: moving) when I get back from Asia in December. Until then, the below vlog are the only details I can provide for you at this time. 😉 Also in the vlog I eat cheesecake for breakfast, create a custom necklace at Anice Jewellery (Melissa’s b-day gift for me, so sweet) and went trick-or-treating with little kids/used them as bait so I can receive all of the candy. P.S. expect to see my Asia travel vlogs very, very soon.


I’ve made it to a quarter of a century. I can now legally rent a car. However, I am no longer eligible to pay VIA rail youth rates. But, who needs youth rates when I can rent a Mercedes, AMIRITE?! Why this is the first thing I’m bringing up on my 25th birthday, I have no idea.. Moving right along, the below are goals I set for myself on my last birthday (aka, all I wanted to accomplish at 24), here is how I did: 1. I WILL become more confident. This was a rocky road but, I whole heartily believe I am far more confident than I was a year ago. I have more to learn about confidence (obvs) but I notice my head is held higher and I listen/trust myself with less second guessing. Confidence is not about being center of attention or being extremely extroverted, which a lot of people mistake is the definition. Confidence is believing in yourself, thinking positive thoughts and trusting your decisions. When someone says, “you need more confidence,” it’s gut-wrenching to hear. …


For your Sunday evening entertainment: Melissa and I shop at INLAND, Kathleen and I help throw an event for NYX cosmetics, and I celebrate my 25th birthday with Emily, Katie, Ashley & Nicole. Also, I’M ON TV! Or, was on TV. I chat with Channel 12 news about the All Abilities soccer program and the importance of volunteering! Forward to 1:47 and ignore the hideous thumbnail. ALSO, LOL JESSICA MAY LOL.


I didn’t mean to go to a clothing optional beach, I just so happened to stumble upon one. I saw way too many body parts I could’ve lived without seeing but realized how much respect I have for those who can bare it all with confidence. Good on them! Although in that moment I felt extremely awkward and got out of there as quickly as I could, mostly because I was the one being stared at for having clothes on..