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If you’re looking for an easy DIY home decor idea that covers blank walls, requires no tools, and can be done under $20.. I’VE GOT YOU! I went thrifting and bought baskets for this easy-peasy DIY basket wall that’s perfect for small or large spaces. Let me know what you think and if you try this DIY basket wall, tag me on Instagram: @Jessica_Moy!


My brother and I created a fashion lookbook together on my Get Up & Go Girl channel titled: 3 SUMMER OUTFIT IDEAS! He edited the video and added original music (what a talented guy right..). I absolutely loved how it turned out. Let me know what you think. 🙂 Product descriptions below!   Outfit #1: Top: Uniqlo Shorts: Gap Shoes: Nike Sunglasses: Street vendor in Seoul Bracelet: Chinese jade bracelet, a gift from my aunt Outfit #2 Shirt: Thrift Skirt: Thrift Shoes: Gap Hair tie: Sephora Necklace: A gift from my cousin Earrings: Red Eye Pretzel heart ring: Street vendor in Austria Diamond ring: Swarovski Outfit #3 Shirt: Thrift Jeans: Zara Belt: Ann Taylor Sandals: Francesca’s

A grown up treasure hunt

Walking down Queen Street West, you’ll witness an array of boutiques and fabric shops destined to attract the effortless fashion forward innovators of tomorrow. Ask any of these leather purse carrying, skinny jean-wearing youngsters we call “trendsetters” where they shop now a days, answers will likely be the same. Thrift stores. Shocking? Perhaps. But the moth smelling, itchy fabrics hanging in abundance at stores such as Value Village and Goodwill are the secret to the vintage styles trending around the city. It’s time to embrace the fact – what is old is new again. “I’m the type of person who hasn’t been into brands so I wanted to look for other ways to style and make art without spending so much money,” freelance stylist and thrift shopper enthusiast Patrice America said. She looked at me with excitement; eyes wide open as we sat at the back of her reclaimed vintage fabric store “Preloved” on Queen Street West. With the store showcasing an array of colourful, old-fashioned sweaters and cardigans in one dim-lit room, America was dressed conservatively, yet …