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Best uniforms at the 2012 London Olympic Games

Canada – Hudson’s Bay Company  Kept very simple. Love the zip-up sweaters, but not so hot on the beige khakis. However, the entirety of the uniform still works because I’m biased and love Canada and all our athletes – they can be dressed in garbage bags and I’d still love ’em. Great Britain – Stella McCartney  Keeping it classy in black. Love it. USA – Ralph Lauren This honestly can’t get any more American. From their military inspired hats to their Ralph Lauren logo on their jackets. All they need is a piece of apple pie in their hand and they’re good to go. Australia – Sportscraft I really just like their white shoes with the black laces. South Korea – Fila AHOY MATEY! I love everything about their uniform. Clean-cut, sophisticated, and definitely trendy.