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Everyone loves a good stud – D.I.Y

I did it. I went stud crazy. Pants, shoes, shorts…you name it, I put a stud on it. They’re easy to put on, you pin them – no need for glue or sewing. They’re cheap, any fabric store you can get 100 studs for $20. Compared to the $75 pair of studded shorts you can get at Urban Outfitters, it’s a pretty good deal. These are an old pair of J. Crew skinny’s! I put the studs right above the pocket to spruce up the look! Put a couple of them on ankle booties, definitely a big change! No longer plain and drab! My favourite! Right on the back pocket! Side note, it doesn’t hurt when I sit. What do you guys think? A timeless fall trend if you ask me. XO Jessica


Take an old pair of wide legged jeans. Don’t use skinny jeans, they make it look like you’re wearing spandex. Cut your desired length. Make sure you go diagonal, like below! Grab some paint! I’m using colours such as blue, black, white, red, and purple! Start going to town! Smudge the paint EVERYWHERE. Mixing the colours together is ideal. Make sure you get the back! I distressed mine at the front. Make sure you have cardboard or a magazine underneath so you don’t put holes on the other side of the shorts. After that, you’re done! 🙂