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A lot of BUZZ for McQueen’s Spring 2013 RTW

Seriously. Sarah Burton is the queen bee. I had to take a second look. Thought the black “honeycomb” inspired  knee-high’s were some form of hosiery. Wrong. They are boots. Mind blown? Mine was. THOSE GOLD SHORTS! OH MY GOODNESS! WANT! Classic McQueen clutch. Perfect. Wonderful little (or large) beehive number! Not sure if the skirts are necessarily RTW, but gosh darn it they are amazing! Also, what did I think the showstopper was? The chunky necklaces. They completed all the outfits perfectly throughout the collection.

Top 5 favourite fashion designers

1. Alexander McQueen Creative director Sarah Burton has done a flawless job the past few years, always loved the creativity, innovation, and story-telling within the designs of McQueen. 2. Pink Tartan I’ve been to a couple of her shows at Toronto Fashion week and Kim Newport Mimran continutes to impress me. Classic with an interesting twist. 3. Christian Dior Without a doubt, no one can compare to a Dior gown. Absolutely stunning. 4. Erdem Moralioglu Dresses meant for a princess. Seriously, he dresses Kate Middleton. 5. Vera Wang Always had a thing for Vera, her designs continue to be inspiring. She’s also my future wedding dress designer.

One of TIME’s most influential people

YAY! Sarah Burton (head designer for Alexander McQueen) has been recognized as one of TIME’s 100 most influential people in 2012! Love her, envy her, wish I could be her. Also included on the list were one of my favourite comedians Louis C.K., actress Kristen Wiig, the inventor of Spanx Sara Blakely, and of course, President Barack Obama…oh and Tim Tebow…no comment. XO Jessica