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The only way we grow

“It’s one of those things that people say, you can’t move on until you let go of the past. Letting go is the easy part, it’s the moving on that’s painful. So sometimes we fight it, try and keep things the same. Things can’t stay the same though. At some point, you just have to let go. Move on. Because no matter how painful it is, it’s the only way we grow.” – Meredith Grey


I know what a bunch of you would say, “Jessica, you’ve had approximately 600 blogs in the past few years, why do you keep changing?” I wish my answer was simple, but before you shake your head in shame I PROMISE, this will be the last time I do a blog switch-a-roo.  I have kissed many toads and have finally found my prince charming…in the sense of finding the right blog site…if you will. Moving along, the past couple years I’ve been working with WordPress, whether it be for Toronto Observer or CHAOS Magazine, and I found I’ve grown a liking to the site. A great liking. Thus, I will now permanently situate my name on THIS blog from now until forever. Amen. So…what now? I guess I can start off by introducing myself to those who don’t know me. Hi there. The name is Jessica and I’m a fourth year student at the University of Toronto (voted best school in Canada and 19th in the entire world, ayy yoo). I’m one of those crazy reporter kids who have either a) asked you for a quote b) taken …