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Soju is known for many things: It’s the world’s best selling alcohol. Pairs well with samgyupsal. Tastes like watered-down vodka. Has been around for thousands of years. Recently launched flavours such as blueberry, grapefruit, and pomegranate. Found EVERYWHERE in SoKo and priced around ₩2,000. Responsible for keeping you up until sunrise. My friend Melody and I got together and did the Soju Challenge! Let’s just say, secrets were revealed, my face turned red, and 1PM on a Saturday never felt so good. We also did the Spicy Noodle Challenge on Mel’s channel so be sure to check that out after you watch the hilariously obnoxious video below. 😉

Extra pumpkin spice lattes please

Scene: Kristin and I enter Starbucks. We are in the middle of talking about how there is a Menchie’s across the street, how they’re overpriced and how (despite having to take out a loan to buy frozen yogurt) we still need to go one time. Both of us approach the counter with two fairly cute male baristas. Me: Hello! Starbucks man #1: Hi! What can I get for you today? Kristin: Can I get a grande pumpkin spice latte? Starbucks man #1: Sure! And you? Me: Same please! * Starbucks man #1 hands Kristin her latte * Me: I love the Fall time. Kristin: I know! I love how it already feels like Fall weather. Me: What’s the largest size you can get at Starbucks? Like, tri-venti? Can I ask for a barrel of pumpkin spice? They’re so good! Kristin: I think venti is the largest. * Starbucks man #2 hands me over two lattes * Me: Huh? Did you get yours already? Kristin: Yeah, I think they made a mistake. Me: Excuse me, who is …

The coolest cafe in Toronto

Snakes and Lattes (board game cafe) on Bloor St. West. A five minute walk from Bathurst Station. It’s only $5 for unlimited game play and you can stay for however long you want. They have HUNDREDS of games to choose from and board game experts to teach you and recommend new games! If you go, I recommend playing Cards Against Humanity (funniest card game ever) and ordering the Peppermint Latte (DELICIOUS). It’s a great spot to get away from the cold and have some fun with your friends! However, they fill up quick so I recommend booking your spot ahead of time to avoid a long waiting list. XO Jessica

Winter drinks at Second Cup

You can already feel the chill of winter whisking through the city. Breathe in that smell of frost and feel the cold air rush down your lungs and chill your entire body. Brr, I’m cold just thinking about it. With winter around the corner, I look forward to something a little more steamy this time of year. That being said, I would like to announce… SECOND CUP HAS THEIR WINTER MENU OUT! * HAPPY DANCE * Here are a few I’ll be trying this season! Let me know your favourites below! 🙂 Candy Cane Latte – “A delicious and refreshing hint of candy cane flavour, coupled with espresso and white chocolate notes.” Toasted Marshmallow Latte – “Perfectly pulled espresso and hand crafted microfoam meld marvellously with the sweetness of a marshmallow toasted to golden. Topped off with a cloud of toasted marshmallow flavoured whipped cream and our own butter-graham sugar sprinkles.” Holiday London Fog Tea – “Warm and soothing, a beautiful combination of black tea and microfoam with a hint of citrus and cherry.” Noel Nog – …