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I didn’t mean to go to a clothing optional beach, I just so happened to stumble upon one. I saw way too many body parts I could’ve lived without seeing but realized how much respect I have for those who can bare it all with confidence. Good on them! Although in that moment I felt extremely awkward and got out of there as quickly as I could, mostly because I was the one being stared at for having clothes on..


I’ve been watching Amy Young for a little while now. She’s a life coach who makes sassy advice videos about boys and relationships that are both thoroughly helpful and entertaining. Amy recently made a video about the most important relationship you’ll ever have, the one with yourself. Accepting where you are, in this moment, right now. It’s probably one of the most honest, relatable and inspirational videos she’s ever made. I wanted to share it with you because SO many of us are struggling with accepting where we are at this moment in time. A lot of my friends (especially as of recent) and even myself can relate. We think we should have it all figured out because we see people on Instagram, for example, travelling the world, working at their dream job and in a relationship with a model who has perfect hair (I’m convinced those people are robots). We relate our real lives to those who filter theirs and it puts a lot of pressure on ourselves. A couple years ago, for example, I could not financially support myself, …

This guy wanted to make something happen…

“This guy wanted to make something happen and he truthfully believed, ‘if I’m mean to you, it will make you like me more.’ We have to stop entertaining that kind of B.S. – if we accept that kind of behaviour and we reward it with our time, our energy, our focus, our bodies, our emotional presence, we are telling men it’s ok to be rude and mistreat women, and it’s not. So, as a whole, we all need to decide ‘I’m not putting up with this, if a guy acts like an ass hole to me, I’m not going to entertain it any further.’ Maybe he’ll change, maybe he wont but it’s not my job to be a catalyst in that process.” – Amy Young