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This blog post is WAY overdue, by almost three months. My bad.

The last I left you I was in Flamouth, Jamaica and you should read that post before this one so go, right now.

Done? Cool cool.

Mexico was the last stop on my Royal Caribbean Cruise. I explored Cozumel mostly on my own and took time to walk along the colourful streets to appreciate the outdoor markets and street art at every corner. Fun fact: Cozumel in Mayan language translates to “Land of the Swallows” because during the months of April and May pretty little swallows can be seen in abundance during migration. The small city used to be a quaint fishing village but has now turned into a popular cruise ship port.


You can’t go to Mexico and NOT have guacamole! Living my best basic life.


A couple night prior we signed up for a fun excursion which included speed boating, snorkeling, and ATV-ing. It came out to be around $189 CDN each, not too bad for a full day of activities. It was an adrenaline rush to go 100 mph on a boat (tbh I don’t know how fast we went buuuuut it was enough to get sweet air when we hit a wave) along the crystal clear waters and snorkel with the itty bitty fish. We also explored the outback of Cozumel, swerving iguanas and trying not to fall off when waist deep in giant pot holes filled with water. Of course, I vlogged the entire excursion for you.

To be completely honest, cruising isn’t my preferred way of traveling, I don’t love being confined to one place and having a set schedule, but to each their own. One thing I could never complain about are the views from the ship and I guess quality family time, that was pretty special too. 😉


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