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Before you read this post, have you read part 1, Labadee, Haiti? GO!

All caught up? Great. Time to talk about the next destination on my Royal Caribbean Cruise: Falmouth, Jamaica!

Our second pit-stop on the cruise had us walking into a gated community with a plethora of souvenir shops and restaurants. I don’t love being confined into one place while on vacation so I ventured into town. I was immediately taken aback from the bustle, countless fruit markets, and colourful buildings. It made my travelling heart happy.


Jamaica isn’t perfect, no country is, and I was advised numerous times to be safe and should not walk alone. I was with someone as I explored Falmouth but in the four or five hours we walked around, there was no moment I felt threatened or in danger. Locals were kind, did not ever try to force us to buy anything, and if we did have a question they would stop and help us out.

My suggestion is to take time to walk around the city, try the local food such as beef patties, fried plantain, jerk chicken, rice and peas.. you name it, you’ll find it, and take numerous photos of the beautiful surroundings.


VLOG TIME! Watch as I explore around Falmouth, a few cruise ship clips, a belly flop competition and a mini souvenir haul. Love ya! Enjoy!

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