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Another week, another life update.

Even though I haven’t had a true life update in three weeks.. oy.

It’s currently Sunday evening and I will be going to bed in about an hour, but I wanted to get this up so you know that I’m still alive and well.

Vlogging every week can be difficult, sometimes. Especially when you’re going through life’s adversities or feel exhausted, then no part of me wants to shove a camera in front of my face and forced to be entertaining. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE filming and editing videos of my daily life, it’s a hobby. I do it because it allows me to release creative energy and keeps me occupied. But some weeks, like the last couple weeks, it can be strenuous to film a side of me that’s a bit more vulnerable.

But no need to worry, all is well. I’m happy and revitalized so, let’s talk about Sport’s Day.


Last year I filmed Sport’s Day at my school in a little more depth, which you can watch by clicking, HERE. This year was a good ol’ time, watching my students transform into athletes and compete in tug-of-war or jump rope competitions. Unfortunately I could only stay for half of the events since I currently mentor 3 EPIK teachers and had to go to one of their school’s during the afternoon to do some evaluating. It was at an all boys’ middle school, which is SO different than what I’m used to, my students are angels in comparison. I walked the hallways and the boys were rambunctious, rowdy, and rarely followed orders from their disciplinarians.

I sat in the back of one of their classes and during the lesson the teacher asked, “what do your parents not allow you to do?” One student, who was sitting beside me, raised his hand and said without hesitation, “they don’t allow me to watch porn.”

The teacher gave him a stern warning, and I tried to hide my laughter. At least he said it in perfect English. Boys will be boys, I suppose.

When the week came to an end I visited my friend Dev in Seoul! Oh how wonderful it was to be back in the big city.


While I was in Seoul, I filmed and edited a style video on Get Up & Go Girl which you can watch, HERE. As per tradition, I had Mexican food (burritos and guacamole, always a classic) as soon as I arrived and also indulged in some mango sorbet on a stick. My stomach was content.


When I go to Seoul, I don’t stop eating. The city has WAY more options and diversity when it comes to food compared to Busan. Dev took me to his favourite cupcake place in Incheon called, Veranda. It was a cute cafe filled with old records, wooden tables, and baked goods galore. I’m not quite sure of the exact flavour I got, but apple pie is what it tasted like, with a cream cheese, caramel frosting. Mmm.


Now from the title of this blog post we covered the cupcake aspect so, onto to the cow blood. Coagulated cow blood soup is a delicacy in South Korea traditionally called haejangguk (해장국). You’ll see my reaction to the taste of it in my vlog below, plus I enter a dance contest at a drag show (yes, again!). Enjoy!

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