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Loved this interview with Secretary Hillary Clinton on Refinery 29. I also respect the fact that she has Instagram (and she, or a member of her team, posts regularly). Hillary is strong, intelligent, genuine, and I’ve always looked up to her as a person and as a woman in power.

I want to be Hillary Clinton when I grow up.

On equal pay:

“Believe in yourself, believe in who you are. You have a unique contribution to make to the world…and it is scary but be specific, ‘here’s what I’ve done, here is the feedback I’ve gotten I really believe that I am the best person to continue this project and I want to be sure that I’m paid accordingly.’

On self-confidence:

“Like any other woman I grew up with, this has been a journey…I didn’t have a smooth path. The first time I was seriously thinking of running for office, I was an adult. It was 1998 I had never thought about doing this before and I really was reluctant in fact resistant, but people kept pushing me to run for senate in New York and I said no…they wouldn’t give up they wanted me to run, they clearly saw something in me that I was not yet convinced of.”

On sexual assault:

“Culture plays a role in this, the messages that are sent to young men, the visual images that are seen all too often the lyrics of music, we know that there is pressure or expectations that are hurtful and we need to do more starting in high school to begin to change those signals and begin to change that culture.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 12.17.05 PM

BTW, Hillary Clinton and I were pen pals back in the day. I think the “:p” beside my signature was a nice touch.


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