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The great shower debacle

Hey everyone!

I haven’t done a rant post in awhile. Gosh, I miss it. I miss writing and going on streams of consciousness. You know what? I’ll do on one now. Not sure where this will go, but we’ll find out together!

I’m currently in my bed, listening to John Mayer at 11:26PM debating whether to shower tonight or in the morning. If I shower tonight I have to fully blow-dry my hair which takes a good 25 minutes, or I can shower in the morning but I’ll have to wake up an hour earlier, not to mention it’s FREEZING in the AM. Or, I can shower tonight and go to bed with my hair semi-wet, but if I do that I have to straighten it in the morning or else it will be a disheveled mess. The problem with that is, I usually forget if I unplugged my straightener while on my way to work and have to text my brother to check. It’s an uncomfortable feeling wondering if your house is burning down or not, you know? Maybe I won’t shower at all.

Oh wait, I am seeing a friend at lunch so maybe I will.

In case you’re wondering, this whole shower scenario is literally a debate I have with myself every single night.

Should I be re-evaluating my life choices?

That’s a whole other topic we won’t get into tonight because a) I have to go to bed in the next 10 minutes and frankly, re-evaluating my life takes up a lot of energy and b) I still have to shower.

largeI’m happy it’s almost Christmas! I need a day to myself soon. Watch movies and veg. I haven’t done that in a long time. But, as of right now, I do need to stop. I have to carry on with the night, and bathe (ugh).




Update: Brother just got into the shower and I’m way too tired to wait until he finishes. I tried to be clean and presentable, I really did. Wasn’t in the stars for tonight. Awell, ya win some, ya lose some.

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