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What I love about gifting bath products is that we all bathe (at least I hope so) which means everyone can appreciate a good-smelling, bath-related gift.

The Body Shop has come out with their festive picks again for the holiday season and I am all over it. These pretty products come pre-packaged in a nice festive box so essentially, just put a bow on it and call it a day (all about that easy route).


If you know someone who has a hard time opening their eyes in the morning or falls asleep while eating their breakfast, you need to introduce them to satsuma. Did you know that the reason we typically drink orange juice in the AM is because the odour of citrus ignites our brain to make us feel more energized and refreshed? The more you know..

That is exactly what the scent of satsuma does, it’s the alternative to coffee. 😉


Festive box contains:

– Satsuma Shower Gel 250 ml
– Satsuma Body Butter 50 ml
– Satsuma Body Polish 75 ml (my personal fav, love a good exfoliant, especially in the winter)
– Satsuma Soap 100 g
– Orange Mini Bath Lily


The entire package is $25, which is a great price-point when you’re giving five gifts in one. Plus, you’ll be giving back! The Body Shop has teamed up with War Child and with every purchase of a Festive Picks box, they will grant education funds in war-torn areas. Last Christmas they raised $300,000 which helped to build new schools in Nepal, Honduras, India and Guana. It’s amazing to think that a the price of a small house in the suburbs could give 700 children an education.


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