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I read a post on Thought Catalog called, 17 Signs You Were Always Meant To Be A Writer and wanted to share five of my favourite points (all are soooooo true):

1. You know the pure ecstasy of filling out the last page in a journal and retiring it to the sacred area you store your other weathered-down journals. (Furthermore, you know the pure ecstasy of, then, opening the first page of a new journal and how it represents a whole new world of possibility.)

2. After a few days of not writing, you start to become irritated, frustrated, and you have this sensation of being emotionally backed-up. Once you start writing—after, presumably, procrastinating the writing for minimum two hours—you suddenly feel freer, lighter, and more at ease.

3. If someone pulls out a quote of your writing to compliment your writing skills, you fall in love with them a little bit in that moment.

4. You have never let your life be easy. You have willingly sludged through your past pain, welcomed in breakdowns, and have never allowed yourself to become complacent or mediocre. Contentment is not a workable muse for a writer.

5. Your entire life has been unconventional and you’ve always willingly chosen the path least likely, even if it ostracized you many times. And yes, maybe it has been lonely, but every lonely night has led you to a deeper understanding of what it means to be human. And, funny enough, this is exactly what you’re always writing about anyway.


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