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Working in the city & fancy tea parties


It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon and my window is cracked slightly to let the gentle Spring breeze dance throughout my room, which, by the way, further enhances my Oceanside wallflower from Bath & Body Works (forever obsessed). It’s been awhile since we’ve last talked so grab yourself a nice cup of tea and a healthy snack because you and I haven’t caught up in a few weeks! What’s new with you? 🙂

First off let me mention my OBSESSION with listening to Dan & Shay. The country-pop duo have been on replay for two weeks with no signs of slowing down. “Parking Break” has been one of my favourite songs and if you’re into this music, you are my people.

Ok, let’s start off with last month when I went to Skyzone for my friend Katie’s birthday. Skyzone is an indoor trampoline park where they have pits of foam you can flip into, tons of trampoline walls you can bounce off of and a handful of arenas for trampoline dodgeball (the reason why we went). I think the park is meant for children since there were dozens of little Jimmy and Becky’s fifth birthday parties everywhere. However, that didn’t stop us. Our first game of dodgeball were against teenagers, mostly girls, and we showed no mercy. You can’t put me into a competitive setting and expect me to take it easy on anyone! Although, I got a taste of my own medicine since the next team we played was Team Iceland and they had full head gear, knee pads, bandanas, gloves and matching jerseys. They meant business.

I almost used this as an excuse not to play against them:

“My plastic surgeon doesn’t want me doing any activities where balls fly at my nose.”

I love Clueless.

Sorry, off topic. Team Iceland certainly kept us on our toes, but it was a nice change of pace. Here’s a sweaty photo of my team and I…..and our bright orange socks.


A couple of weeks later my friend Kristin and I went to Pacific Mall to browse around and pick up some phone cases. Along the way we bought honeydew bubble tea (MY FAV) and spicy roasted seaweed (a required taste, but I love it).


Later that night I went to dinner with my family in Markham and devoured every type of animal known to man. Shrimp, beef, pork, chicken, fish, lobster, etc. However, my favourite dishes were the vegetarian ones – sticky rice and bok choy. Mmm. I love my people and their food.


A few days later I began a whole new chapter in my life and started working at Lotus Leaf (PR/Social Media agency) and Fashionotes (fashion/technology blog) in Toronto. I’ve been there for two weeks and absolutely looooooove it! The job combines everything I’m passionate about and I feel super lucky to work with an amazing, creative team.


I can’t get enough of the city. Weekdays I’m here for work and on weekends I’ll often stay over at a friends condo to catch up and hang out. I find myself getting sad when I have to go back to the suburbs, which is odd since I’ve worked in Toronto for six months last year, but every night I looked forward to going home. Now it’s the complete opposite.

I think my mindset has changed since I freelanced from home the past few months and went a little crazy. Working from home taught me that I don’t like being confined in my room and not being able to socialize. Long story short, I thrive in the city and hope to move once my income allows me.


Being back in the city, my style has changed to accompany new surroundings. I’ve received my first pair of Dr. Martens last week from the Agyness Deyn collection (eeeeeeeeeek). I can’t wait for the weather to be a bit warmer to rock these babies! Yes they’re a tad chunky, certainly different from what I usually wear, but it’s always nice to change it up and try something new.


That takes us to this weekend when my family threw a tea party themed wedding shower for my brothers fiancé. The day was filled with all the women in my family, fancy tea cups, little cakes, macaroons and cucumber sandwiches. My mom worked tirelessly on this party, baking every day and browsing through hundreds of thrift stores to find tea cups priced at less than $5 a piece. When my mom commits, SHE COMMITS! Her hard work pulled through and the party turned out beautifully. My brother’s wedding is in a month and I still haven’t fully grasped that he is getting married. IT’S WEIRD AND SO ADULT OF HIM!


This is the outfit I wore. Dress from H&M and lips are “Yu” from NARS.


That is all hot gossip I have for you! I’m super excited to be finally out of my house and have a daily routine. I’m happy, healthy and grateful for my supportive friends and family. PLEASE NONE OF YOU EVER CHANGE!

Have an amazing rest of this long weekend and I’ll talk to you all very soon!



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