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I’m OFFICIALLY 23 – here’s everything I want to accomplish this year

MY BIRTHDAY (which was on Oct. 13) WAS AMAZING! 

Here are 5 goals I WILL achieve while I am 23!

(I say “WILL” with confidence because when I have my mind set on something, I’ll stop at nothing until I achieve it.)

1. I WILL move to New York City. Williamsburg Brooklyn preferably.

2. I WILL get my first full-time PAID job.

3. I WILL eat healthier.

4. I WILL admit and apologize when I’m wrong.

5. I WILL (not only) shake-hands with new people I meet, but genuinely try to get to know them. I want to ask as many people who influence me to give me a list of their favourite books, songs and movies so I can introduce myself to new ways of thinking and get to know the people I love a little more.

If you’re interested, here is my list.

– Favourite book: “Fifth Step” by Richard Van Camp (which is actually a short story in his book “Angel Wing Splash Pattern”).

– Favourite song: “Say” by John Mayer

– Favourite movie: “500 Days of Summer”



  1. Dianne LeBreton says

    Belated happy birthday. Here’s wishing you all the energy and inspiration for pursuing your goals to the fullest. Yoo hop!!

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