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New York Fashion Week – My Top Picks

If you’re a lover of fashion and have any social media platform, you’ve been hounded this week with photos and reviews of the latest and greatest that has come out of New York City.

Now, I’m going to hound you one last time. Here are my favourites from NYFW!


Michael Kors

The entire collection was super sexy and modern (classic MK). This bathing suit is pure perfection. I am loving the dark heather grey and matching bag/belt/pumps that tied it all together.


Jason Wu

Wu-hoooo This dress. I can’t…I can’t even put into words how stunning the cut, colour and texture of it is. Unbelievable. Any designer who can make a waist look THAT suburb is one talented human being.


Kate Spade New York

An outfit fit for a princess. Can’t you see Kate Middleton rocking this? Clean and simple.


Rachel Zoe

THOSE PANTS! Those stinkin’ leather pants. I would totally rock this outfit with cute gold accessories, like a bunch of bangles and stacked rings, oh, and a motorcycle.


Oscar de la Renta

If this dress came in a peach colour, I would 100 percent wear this as my wedding gown. I am digging the cropped top and pretty tulle.


Nicholas K

If Pocahontas could roam around the earth today, she would be wearing this. Those two toned shoes, thick headband, loose fitted blouse and feathers. I am all about it. Nicholas, could you send this to me? I’m sample size…..but, seriously.

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