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My highest and lowest marks in university

In my first semester of university EVER I had to complete a science perspective as part of my journalism program. I (thinking it would be a piece of cake) took a course called Environmental Hazards. Hurricanes? Earthquakes? Volcanoes? EASY! ….NOT! I felt like a complete foreigner. Science is not my strong suit and not at all what I was studying in school. I had no idea what I was learning nor what I was doing. Being in this class can only be described as me being hit by a bus for 3 straight hours.

When finals came along, I had to pass the exam of 200 multiple choice to pass the course. Yikes!

In the end, I DID IT!

Ended up with a 53% in the course and couldn’t be happier!

Never become a scientist. Check.

My highest mark in university was actually in my last semester EVER (funny how that works). Theatre is one of my minors, and in my last semester I took a class called Advanced Workshop: Performance. I’ve taken performance classes throughout university so I was familiar with the structure of the class. The most challenging assignment was our independent mask assignment. I had to perform something I remember, something I fear, and something I desire (it’s a lot more complicated than it sounds, but it’s the only way I can describe it).

One night after class, I rehearsed with my prof to get some feedback. In the middle of my performance I started to cry. I was shocked, I didn’t plan on crying, it just happened. She consoled me, told me to breathe, and said that being vulnerable on stage is the most beautiful thing an actor can do. This assignment was tough because every time I rehearsed it, I felt depressed. I now understand why professional actors can become emotionally unstable.

After I rehearsed and broke down in front of my prof (embarrassing), I thought I got all the tears out and wouldn’t cry during my final performance. But, I did. Despite going through a slew of emotions, it was one of my best performances EVER. I made people laugh, I made people cry, and (bonus) I got the highest mark in the class!

Ended up with an 86% in the course and couldn’t be prouder!


I go to U of T, you can only choose one.

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