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Ten things I don’t like but wish I did

1. Basketball

Growing up, I have memories of my hands being disgustingly covered with dirt and sweat from basketballs, and I hated that. Since then, I’ve always been turned off by the sport. I want to like it because I want to be able to slam dunk and casually dribble the ball through my legs like they do in Space Jam…but I just can’t.

2. Scrambled eggs

I’ve never liked the smell or taste of eggs. However, once in a blue moon I’ll make sausage and toast and WANT to scramble some eggs because they’re easy to make and healthy for you, but I can’t get myself to eat them. They smell like feet.

3. Cats

What a boring, vicious animal. All the do is creep up and bite you when you try to pet them. I want to like them because seeing pictures of kittens melt my heart, but I’m pretty sure they’re the spawn of satan.

4. Action movies

My boyfriend has taken me to at least a dozen action movies. I would name them, but they all blend into the same storyline. One guy’s mad, they shoot each other, a hot girl in a bikini appears, more guns, some bombs, a long car chase, and in the end the good guy walks away looking like a bad ass. Honestly, I could care less. I wished I liked them for my boyfriend. Poor guy.

5. Yoga

It looks like a fun workout, but I’m not flexible in the slightest. My limbs are too long to bend in weird downward dog ways.

6. Plane rides

Especially ones that last longer than 3 hours. It’s dreadful. I wish I liked them so traveling would be less stressful.

7. Green tea

I want to be sophisticated and drink green tea from expensive china saucers. I can’t though, it actually tastes like dirt.

8. Dexter

I don’t get it. I’ve watched the first couple episodes and I don’t understand why it’s so popular. Perhaps it’s not my kind of show, but it’s a total downer when EVERYONE and their moms rave about it. What am I missing?

9. Swimming

For those of you who can just dive into a pool and swim around like a fish. I hate you.

10. Philosophy

It sounds cheesey, but I truly love talking about life, knowledge, values, language, etc. I think the whole subject of philosophy is fascinating. However, I took philosophy in grade 12 for a week and I hated it. I had no idea what my teacher was talking about. I hope in the future I could give it another chance.

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