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So you’ve had a bad day

We all have our bad days.


The days where nothing goes right, no one seems to be nice to you, you’re sad, you’re mad, not motivated and you just want to lock yourself in your room, eat Nutella covered double chocolate chip cookies and call it a night.

I’ve been feeling this way all week.

The first week of school was the worst.

From now until January, I know I’m going to be in a permanent state of stress. This anxiety. This sickness in my stomach that I’m not where I’m supposed to be. I walk through the hallway of my school and it doesn’t feel right. I feel foreign.

I sit in the classroom and have this intuitive voice saying, “you don’t belong here…”

It makes me upset. It makes me question myself. It makes me uncomfortable, restless, worried – pretty much anything but happy. Most of this unhappiness comes from having to pay thousands out of my own pocket to attend these classes I don’t particularly like going to. Don’t get me wrong, I truly do love school. But this year, it’s different. I can’t concentrate.

Maybe it’s a phase? Perhaps it’s normal for a fifth-year undergrad to have these feelings?

I see my friends landing jobs, traveling, or having some sort of plan for the future.

I’m envious.

Let’s hope by the end of the month, this anxiety will go from being the worst feeling in the entire world to a semi-worst feeling in the entire world.

Here’s hoping…..

If you feel this way or have any advice, leave a comment below or tweet me @Jessica_Moy. Or if you want to tell me a joke to cheer me up, those will always be welcomed.

Until then, Sing it Powter…


  1. Girl, I know exactly how you feel! It’s stressful! Seeing everyone else look like their heads are on correctly and yours is falling off your shoulder is not fun. But I promise you….you look like you have your head on your shoulder and theirs is falling off too 🙂 Keep strong! These are the things that are supposed to happen to us young and strong ladies! 🙂

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