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Now that the summer Olympic Games in London are drawing to a close, my internship at Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium is coming to an end as well! I’ve worked with some amazing people and had the best learning experience working behind the scenes of CTV and TSN.

Working closely with TSN reporter Kate Beirness has taught me about the dedication and passion one must have if you want to work in a career such a journalism. The best advice she gave me? “If you want to be on TV – you HAVE to be on TV every day, find a small local television station and start there. “They don’t care if you mess up on-air, the only people who are watching are seniors over 65 waiting for the lottery numbers to show,” she said. Sad, but true.

Now that this amazing learning experience is over, what’s next for me?

I’ll let you know once I catch up on two weeks of sleep.



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