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Bling It On: Romance

My friend Glam Mandie gifted me a “Nails Inc. Bling It on Bow & Crystals – Romance” set last year and I haven’t opened it up..UNTIL NOW! I don’t know why it’s taken me an entire year to open this sucker, probably because I was intimidated by 3-D sparkly gemstones sticking out from my nails. However, the whole 3-D nail trend has been red hot so I thought I’d attempt to fit in with the cool kids and give it a go. The nail glue included within the kit is seriously NO JOKE! It sticks those gems and bows on like super glue (is it actually super glue? I wouldn’t be surprised). The day I placed them on my nails I made guacamole, emptied the dishwasher, did my laundry, cleaned my room and took a shower – NOTHING FELL OFF! (Side note, can we acknowledge how productive of a day I had?) Which brings me to my main concern… NOTHING FELL OFF! Not too sure how I’m going to remove them but, we’ll get there when we get there. Ugh, …

OPI by Betsy Johnson

Want. Want these now. I also want to be the person whose job it is to name these nail polishes… “It’s My Pink” This hot pink polish is also infused with her signature fragrance (Too Too perfume). I wonder if the small still lingers after a couple days? Isn’t that such a weird concept to anyone else? “Hey, smell my nails…no seriously.” “XOX Betsey” “Cartwheels On The Catwalk”