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You know the colour of your lips after you finished eating a cherry red popsicle? The stain is not perfect, it’s faded on the outside and it’s even a little patchy, but you’re kinda into it. If you ever wanted that wash of red to stay, you’re in luck with A’PIEU’s Harutatoo peel-off lip tint in RD01. Watch as I peel-off my lips and experiment with this k-beauty innovation in my latest video on Get Up & Go Girl.


  Seven months ago, I moved to Busan—the second largest South Korean city and home to millions of impossibly glowy complexions—to teach English at an all-girls middle school. My students can be sassy at times, but their beauty tips are always top notch. Last semester one of my eighth-graders showed up to class with perfectly stained red lips. Technically, they’re not allowed to wear makeup at school but the look was so A+ that I decided to let it slide. In the days following, I started noticing hip kid after hip kid walking around with lips that looked like they’d just devoured a giant cherry ice pop. I soon spotted a poster in a store window that featured a bright pair of the trendy stained lips. Intrigued, I went inside and picked up a tube from the shelf. The label clarified that I was holding a peel-off lip tint. Wait, peel off? A little more perusing through the shop and I realized this is a booming K-beauty category, with options for eyebrows too. You paint …