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I LIKE THESE BOOTIES TOO! UGH! WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE?! These ones are on sale and I feel like I’d get more wear out of them. But the other ones are SO HOT! Decide for me? On sale for $69.99 The Miggins   OR $140.00 The Rosienne

Brandy & Aldo cravings

I love this shirt and wanted to share it with you guys! It’s Brandy Melville’s “I Love You To The Moon And Back Tank” – what do you think? $25.00 Also, I’ve been eyeing these kind of shoes for a while now. They’re suede lace up booties. Buy? Or not buy? If you own these types of shoes, tell me in the comments what they think, worth the money? These ones are from Aldo (5 inches high). I feel like they’d go with EVERYTHING! But, will I wear them enough to get my moneys worth? $140.00