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I was born mixed race, my father is Chinese and my mother is French. There are tales of someone on my dad’s side being Portuguese.. maybe? As the story goes, my great-grandfather was born in Macau (a Portuguese settlement of China), but he was adopted so it’s unclear who his birth parents were.. perhaps one of them had a little Portuguese in them? That would make sense. Sometimes people get confused about what my background is, “I can’t pinpoint exactly where you’re from, but it’s exotic.” Ok well, I’m from Canada and it’s cool to be curious but def don’t call me exotic (that’s a whole other rant I won’t get into today). Without a doubt I always get, “you’re some type of Asian but mixed with something else.” I wrote about this topic back in 2012, which you can read here. About a month ago I decided to try out 23andMe (receive 10% off your own kit using my discount code here). If you’re unfamiliar, 23andMe is a decently comprehensive ancestry breakdown that tracks …


Karlie Kloss, the six foot American supermodel who I am BFF’s with in my head (I’m also BFF’s with Selena Gomez and Wendy Williams) has created an inspiring YouTube video series I think you should see. Karlie started her own YouTube channel “Klossy” last year, which has become an obsession of mine. I love watching her vlogs about her exciting life as a model and most recently, her interviews with five women who are “inspiring CEO’s, students and bad ass entrepreneurs in tech.” She teamed up with ELLE UK to interview her first women in tech, Anne Wojcicki of 23andMe. Check it out below!