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I stumbled upon Khethiwe And The Leopard on Refinery 29 and was so so so glad I hit the play button. I wish I could show my students this short film, if only there were Korean subtitles. *sigh* Set in South Africa, a young girl named Khethiwe teaches us to be ambitious, fearless, and to never, ever be silenced. Strong girls like Khethiwe will rule the world one day, and what a wonderful place it will be.

WATCH THE SHORT FILM HERE: Khethiwe And The Leopard

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“You’re gonna remember this day, what it was like to feel small. I hope it inspires you to be better and if you ever forget, I’ll be here to remind you.”

“My sister told me the most interesting places aren’t even on a map yet. When I grow up, I want to be an explorer because I want to see something nobody else has seen before. You have to keep searching until you’ve seen all the edges of the world.”

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