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“The world has always been run by men, and it still is today. Only thirteen countries and 6 percent of Fortune 500 companies are run by women. Just 13 percent of police officers are women, and only a few hundred are police chiefs. And less than 20 percent of the U.S. Congress is female. These numbers reveal a power structure that has marginalized women and others for far too long. We need to see more women in these roles – and more people of color, LGBT individuals, and members of religious minorities and underrepresented groups of all kinds. We are seeing what happens when power is held nearly exclusively by men. It gives rise to an environment in which, at its worst, women are treated as bodies to be leered at or grabbed, rather than peers entitled to equal respect. It wouldn’t solve all the problems we face if more women were in power – although I believe we could get quite a lot of good done. But one thing’s for certain: many fewer people …


I stumbled upon Khethiwe And The Leopard on Refinery 29 and was so so so glad I hit the play button. I wish I could show my students this short film, if only there were Korean subtitles. *sigh* Set in South Africa, a young girl named Khethiwe teaches us to be ambitious, fearless, and to never, ever be silenced. Strong girls like Khethiwe will rule the world one day, and what a wonderful place it will be. WATCH THE SHORT FILM HERE: Khethiwe And The Leopard “You’re gonna remember this day, what it was like to feel small. I hope it inspires you to be better and if you ever forget, I’ll be here to remind you.” “My sister told me the most interesting places aren’t even on a map yet. When I grow up, I want to be an explorer because I want to see something nobody else has seen before. You have to keep searching until you’ve seen all the edges of the world.”