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Leaving your comfort zone for a long period of time is truly admirable but while experiencing a variety of cultures is fantastic, it’s not always bunnies and rainbows. There are days I miss hugging mom, ordering a Double Double at Tim Hortons, or seeing snow fall in November. Missing home is normal, and while the only real cure is to feel your way through, I’ve compiled 15 activities you can do to distract yourself to make homesickness a little easier to ride out:

1. Wake up early and go on a hike. When you’re active you release endorphins, and endorphins relieve stress and makes you feel happier. It’s science.


2. Visit a dog café. Cuddling one is optional.

3. Skype your funniest friend or family member.

4. Paint.

5. Volunteer at an orphanage.

6. Watch a funny movie or TV show.

7. Treat yourself to a nice dinner. Perhaps find a place that has comfort food you miss from back home (for me, it’s mozzarella sticks).


8. Call up a friend for a coffee date. Chances are they are feeling a little homesick too, and it’s nice to remind yourself that you’re not alone.

9. Go to a PC room and learn how to play a new computer game.

10. Read news from your hometown. Keeping updated on what’s going on back home can make you feel connected and a little less left out.

11. Join a soccer, volleyball, or basketball team.

12. Start a blog and write about your adventures.

13. Buy a pair of hilariously funky, Korean socks.

14. Pamper yourself! Try out a new nail colour or sheet mask from the hundreds of beauty shops that are likely down the street from your apartment.


15. Tape pictures of the people and places you miss the most from back home onto the walls of your apartment and add some twinkling lights, fresh flowers, or movie posters. The more you surround yourself with what you love, the more you’ll feel comfortable with where you live.

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