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It’s getting pretty toasty in Busan (summer is coming!) so consuming ice cream as much as I breathe is getting to be pretty common.

My go-tos are the honeydew melon popsicle and vanilla milkshake (you can get both at any convenience store in Busan and cost ₩1,000). Or if I’m feelin’ fancy, I get a green tea chocolate almond ice cream from Natuur Pop. This double scoop cone was around ₩4,500. I advise if you go, get the HUGE container that you can share with 4-5 people and fill up with ice cream for ₩10,000. I found that out a little too late..


I discovered one of my favourite places in Busan! If you ever visit this beautiful city, you need to head toward the Oryukdo Skywalk (the skywalk is a glass floor that looks over the sea). Beside the skywalk there is a coastal hiking trail that goes on for 3.5 kilometers. The views are breathtaking (see photo below.. it basically looks like this for the entire hike).

Next time I’m going to bring a backpack full of food because you’re able to walk down where the waves hit the rocks and set up a picnic. BTW, picnics are extremely popular here, I’m always tempted to sit down with a family and join them.


I hit up a lemonade place near my house, and the view was spectacular! Nothing better than chilling on a patio with a cold bevvy in hand. Also, I bought that pink skirt from a thrift shop in Nampo for only ₩10,000. 😉


Caffeine fix never looked so good. My brother and I have an argument over the picture below. You’ll see why in my vlog. #TeamJessica


NEW VLOG! My brother Justin and ate our way through the city. Prepare to droooool.

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