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I LIKE THESE BOOTIES TOO! UGH! WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE?! These ones are on sale and I feel like I’d get more wear out of them. But the other ones are SO HOT! Decide for me? On sale for $69.99 The Miggins   OR $140.00 The Rosienne

Everyone loves a good stud – D.I.Y

I did it. I went stud crazy. Pants, shoes, shorts…you name it, I put a stud on it. They’re easy to put on, you pin them – no need for glue or sewing. They’re cheap, any fabric store you can get 100 studs for $20. Compared to the $75 pair of studded shorts you can get at Urban Outfitters, it’s a pretty good deal. These are an old pair of J. Crew skinny’s! I put the studs right above the pocket to spruce up the look! Put a couple of them on ankle booties, definitely a big change! No longer plain and drab! My favourite! Right on the back pocket! Side note, it doesn’t hurt when I sit. What do you guys think? A timeless fall trend if you ask me. XO Jessica