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Doing weird shit

I read this paragraph in Frankie Magazine and it made me giggle. Thought you’d enjoy it as well. “We’re all gonna die; might as well do whatever the fuck you want. Remembering what a tiny grain of sand I am always makes me want to take bigger and better risks, even if they are just entertaining to me in the moment. Because seriously, who cares? It’s all about turning tragedy into funny stories that can’t hurt you anymore, and doing weird shit that you can tell your friends about later, and then you get to see them full-on laughing and it makes you really happy.” – Kathleen Hanna

Nanna International

A sweet and inspirational read in Frankie Magazine. A taste of grandma’s cooking from around the world including Swiss Chard and Ricotta Ravioli with Meat Sauce from 80 year old Marisa Batini in Italy to Caterpillar in Tomato Sauce from 53 year old Regina Lifumbo in Malawi.