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This is how I feel…

…when I walk outside to discover it’s cold and raining. Does summer not know it’s July? If I see snow before September rolls around, I’m moving to Death Valley, California (which, upon Googling, is the hottest place on earth and currently 46°C – TAKE ME THERE).

My future pet

If I lived in a perfect world, I’d have my own studio apartment in New York City with a sweet little sphynx cat named Cleopatra. I’d dress her up in designer cardigans and we’d be best friends. If you think she’s ugly, I will be re-evaluating our friendship.

Cat and house sitting

My aunt and uncle went on vacation to the States for 10 days, leaving me in charge of their humble abode and Sniffy, their cat. In only a couple days I nearly lit the house on fire, came close to flooding the entire washroom and forgot to feed Sniffs the first morning I was here (he was NOT pleased with me for the rest of the day). Rest assured, everything is still intact! I’m having a very relaxing Saturday filled with writing, reading, hot lemon water and Miranda Lambert’s “Automatic” on repeat. I’m excited for tomorrow night since my friends Sam and Katie are coming over! We’re getting dressed up and going out (probably to a nice Greek restaurant). FINALLY, human interaction. It’s been kind of lonely being here by myself. The cat can only entertain me for so long. Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂