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I’m coming at you with two new videos, both *fewd* related. My time in social isolation has me cooking and experimenting in the kitchen – gnocchi, blueberry scones, and now sushi (my proudest creation). Making sushi from scratch was way easier than anticipated, below is all you need: Seaweed Sushi rice Cucumber Avocado Shrimp tempura Rice vinegar Sesame seeds Mayo Hot sauce I also decided it was a good idea to burn my soul by eating fire noodles on the side. Enjoy (like and subscribe while you’re at it!) my sushi making shenanigans and spicy noodle mukbang below. Does anyone else love grocery shopping? Pre-pandemic it was a nice, calming activity I enjoyed every Sunday afternoon. Now I go in and only focus only on the items needed, no more leisurely browsing around the cereal aisle. In the video below I show you what I got on a regular grocery run as well as a fridge tour because, content baby content.


On the second day of arriving to Japan we said sayonara to the bustling city of Tokyo, even though we sadly didn’t party with robots or go to Hello Kitty Town. So much to do, so little time. Sigh. But, onwards we went and hopped on a bus toward Japan’s highest mountain, MOUNT FUJI! The mountain stands at 3,776 metres and is actually an active volcano. No need to worry, the last time Mount Fuji erupted was the year 1708. Even if it did erupt while we were there, HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?! Destructive, yes, but to see a volcano erupt in front of you would be the cat’s pyjamas. Did I really just say cat’s pyjamas.. It’s currently 4:30AM and I’m jet lagged AF so let’s not judge my lack of better word choices. We took the bus up Mount Fuji, which was a couple hours of consistently going around in circles but the view the entire trip was spectacular. Mountains and clouds swarmed my sight, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Our heads were …