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As I was gathering my favourite beauty products from the month of August, I unintentionally picked up solely hair products. Since my hair has been growing (FINALLY!), these products have been giving my locks volume, texture and I can actually style it into tousled summer beach waves instead of a frizzed, damaged mess (happens to the best of us) and have these beauties to thank. 1. HEAD & SHOULDERS DRY SCALP CARE I have very fine hair, which can get flat and dirty in a matter of a few hours. If I’m not jumping around in mud or walking down King St. (referring to the amount of dust that comes out from the construction sites in the morning), this shampoo keeps my hair clean and soft for a solid couple days. 2. INFINITI NANO SILVER BY CONAIR I take my showers late at night, probably 15 minutes before I go to bed. My mother has told me time and time again to not to go bed with wet hair or else it will “mush my brain up.” As a …

Everyone loves a haircut and a heart to heart

Hey all! I went to the BEST hair salon today in my hometown. My hairdresser and I had this 30 minute heart-to-heart on how I should travel when I’m young and experience all the culture I can before I start my career, get married, or have kids. He was from Cuba and said he went to school for business because his parents forced him to. Then, when he graduated, he handed them his diploma and said, “now I’m going to do what I want to do.” He travelled all over the world, cutting and styling hair – perfecting his trade. He finally came to Canada (not knowing a word of English) and started his own business. Now he’s incredibly happy and loves what he does and the people he works with. What an inspiration. He told me about his adventures of spending an entire year in Paris, a year in Spain, and…practically every where else. He’s been everywhere in the world EXCEPT Asia, and is forcing me to go to “live it up for the both of …

Toronto ABA hair show

These aren’t the best quality photos, but they’re the best I can find! It’s me wearing a MASSIVE wig at the Toronto ABA hair show (people surprisingly thought this was my real hair). The man in the back is hair stylist Jake Thompson, an award winning avant garde hair stylist who cut the wig on stage. Such an amazing talent! What do you guys think?