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K-pop is a way of life in South Korea. If you ask any middle school girl in this country who her favourite K-pop band is, it will be answered in shouts, tears, and you being forced to watch the idol’s latest music video.

On Get Up and Go Girl I thought it would be fun to be a K-pop star for a day! I signed up for not only a dance class, but to also star in my very own dance video. Oh yes, I feel your eye-rolls from here, but my K-pop dreams have finally come true! Heh heh.


I found the experience on Airbnb (surprisingly!), and even though dancing is not my strong suit, I knew I would have the best time. After all, it’s about the experience, not perfection (as my mother would say to make me feel better at how uncoordinated I am).


Myself and six other ladies (plus our wonderful choreographer, Kim Nyan) danced to SUNMI’s “Heroine”. In the video below you’ll see our sweet little routine plus, I explain in more detail on how YOU TOO can become a K-pop star if you ever visit Seoul. 😉

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