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Hello everyone!

Last Saturday morning I went to a lunch spot called Full Full in Jeonpo. I got the Full Full salad and it was incredibly fresh and delicious, which is hard to find in SoKo. I believe it was around ₩10,000, a little pricey for a salad but it was a nice healthy treat.


Jeonpo (also known as The Cafe Street) is quickly becoming a popular place in Busan. It was recently mentioned in The New York Times 52 Places to Go in 2017! Busan was listed at #48 on the list and am glad the city is getting a bit of recognition. Busan is honestly an underrated place to travel and if can ever visit the beaches, seafood, and affordable shopping will not disappoint.

On Sunday I hit up Daegu to visit and film a video with my friend Matt of Break Your Boundaries. In the video we recapped out life in Korea and discussed our favourite moments, the best festivals we attended, our favourite lesson we taught, our worst day, etc. Check it out below!

I’ve never been to Daegu so Matt played tour guide and we took a lovely stroll around the city. Travelling to far off countries and cities can be exhilarating and inspiring, but most of the time the best scenery is just in our backyard. I hope to be back again soon!


Vlog time! Check out the sights we saw in Daegu, as well as Dev and I embarrassing ourselves in a coffee shop. What else is new..

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