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Do you want to be entertained and giggle for the next 7 minutes? Then the video below is for you. 😉 I do my make-up and my brothers give their hilarious two-cent commentary. Make-up voiceover videos have been trending on YouTube and I decided to create one for Get Up & Go Girl. Half of the time my brothers are making fun of my square eyebrows and big nose (JERKS!) but it’s all in good fun, plus I’m used to it. You go through a fair share of harassment when you grow up with bros.

Below is another video! Woo! So much entertainment for your eyeballs! Last week I went to a basketball game, won a pizza, had a photobooth sesh, and I MIGHT BE MOVING?! Yeah, we need to catch up so, grab a snack and watch my latest vlog below.

Also, I hope you are all having an amazing holiday season! The new year is approaching, do you have any resolutions?

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