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Leave it to Asia to invent a face mask that foams and has a lazy egg as its ambassador. LOL! Novelty or not, my equally beauty obsessed friend Emily, from Nourish the Skin, got together and tested out the Gudetama foaming face masks from Taiwan. Now you’re probably wondering, who is Gudetama? Why is he a lazy egg? Why should we care?

Gudetama is a Japanese character who can be seen on every piece of paraphernalia you can think of – bags, socks, pencils, toys, etc. He’s essentially the face of superfluous items you don’t need, but need at the same time.. like Hello Kitty (whom I love!). Unlike Hello Kitty who is cute and girly, this guy is known for lying in bed all day, doesn’t move, and has no care in the world that his butt is out for everyone to see. #goals


From what I’ve read on the interwebs, more than 50 per cent of working adults in Taiwan feel like they don’t have a work/life balance and 1/3 of them are too tired or lazy when it comes to arranging a proper social life. Gudetama best represents these types of people, and the above picture = all of us after a long, busy day.

So, if you combine Gudetama and a foaming face mask together, that’s a lazy evening I would like to take part of like, all of the time. The mask is carbonated so in a few seconds of application, it bubbles on your face to deep clean and unclog pores to leave skin aglow.

We tried Gudetama foaming face masks in my latest video on Get Up & Go Girl and TBH, I thought we looked quite ravishing..

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