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Bath Melt/Bomb/Bar Obsession

I’ve slightly been obsessing over LUSH as of late.

I absolutely love their lip scrub in “Mint Julip” (which smells exactly like a crispy crunch shot) and their “Eau Roma Water” (a face toner you spray before moisturizing).

Tonight I tried the “Amandopondo” bubble bar and fell in looove. It has a rose/lemon scent (two of my favourites) and created the best smelling bath EVER! Plus it left little rose petals floating in the water. I want to go back to LUSH and fill my entire bathroom with bath bombs, melts and bars. Do you have a favourite? Let me know! I want to try them all (especially ones that turn your bath water different colours and makes it all glittery).

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 12.11.37 AM


  1. I love Amandopondo 😀 I would try Dorothy next – one of my other favourite bubble bars. It has an AMAZING sweet floral scent, and turns the water bright blue!

      • Well, the glitteriest one I can think of is Star Light Star Bright, but that was limited edition for Christmas – you might be lucky if your local Lush has stock left? Sunnyside bubble bar has an orange scent and is covered in gold glitter, Dragon’s Egg bath bomb is sort of fresh floral, with gold glitter… And I know one of the big purple bath bombs is super glittery, but I can’t remember if it’s Twilight or Blackberry… Definitely worth checking everything out – I’m so excited for you to discover new favourites 😀

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