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Two-Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt


I just finished reading Barnholdt’s novel “Two-Way Street,” a story of exes Jordan and Courtney going on a road trip together to attend the same university across the country. If you haven’t read the book and you plan to, do not read any further because I have a lot to rant about.

Overall, the book was alright. Easy read and semi-relatable. Could have been more thought-provoking and intelligent, but I finished the book in two days, which I guess says something about the story.

The reason I couldn’t put it down was not because it was well developed and had captivating characters, it was because I wanted to know WHY COURTNEY’S DAD ACTED LIKE A CHUMP TO JORDAN?! To sum up, Jordan and Courtney are dating and Jordan finds out his mom and her dad are having an affair. When he finds out, he kept that secret from Courtney and continued to date her (not even date her, they weren’t even dating yet but they start dating not long after). Then, he breaks up with Courtney because he didn’t want to deal with the whole “parents are having an affair with each other” problem because her dad told him not to tell. Is that the actual reason or did I miss something. The entire time I was expecting Courtney’s dad to have either a) threatened to kill him if he told or b) gave him money to not tell. The real reason? There wasn’t one, it was because Jordan couldn’t handle keeping a secret. So, why was Courtney’s dad acting like a big shot to Jordan? If anything, Jordan should have had the upper hand, right? But, the most important question here is, WHY WERE JORDAN AND COURTNEY MORE CONCERNED ABOUT THEIR OWN RELATIONSHIP RATHER THAN BEING CONCERNED WITH THEIR PARENTS BEING CHEATERS?!

AND, WHY DID COURTNEY HAAAAAAAAVE TO GO ON THE ROAD TRIP WITH HIM AFTER THEY BROKE UP? First off, if this was my daughter, I would have paid for a plane ticket and if there were no tickets left, I would have taken days off work to drive her because the last thing my daughter needs is to be in a car with her ex-boyfriend who broke her heart to date someone else (which we find out, he makes up this “someone else” so he had a “reason” to break up with Courtney, when the real “reason” was because he couldn’t tell her that her dad’s a cheater).

I liked Courtney. I feel like I could relate to her when it comes to being rude to jerk ex-boyfriends, but Jordan was a total nut-job as a character. He shouldn’t have dated her in the first place if he knew their parents were having an affair and shouldn’t have made up a girlfriend and lied about that too. I don’t get it. I guess moral of the story is to deal with your crap and not run away from it, but there was no major, life-changing quote or relation from either character to make me truly believe it.

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