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Time to put your game face on

Intramural hockey play-offs are just around the corner and if you’ve been following me for awhile, you know I refuse to graduate until I win a hockey championship. Three years on the team and we’ve always lost in the finals. Brutal.

The girl’s team this semester is being hit and miss when it comes to commitment and bonding as a team. Since there are a lot of new players this year, I’m slowly trying to get them out of their shells and encourage them to take part in the team. Before our last game I told everyone to write down their strengths and weaknesses. The point was so the players and coaches can see where we’re at and start focusing on improving specific skills.

The road to leading the team to a championship is now in full affect. Stay tuned.

This was the e-mail I sent out to the team!

Hey ladies!

If you were at the last game, you know already, but if you weren’t, I had us all write down our biggest strength and weakness of being on the team. I thought I’d share them with you all so you can better understand where we’re at and what we can improve on for the playoffs.
– Saying nice things
– Positional play
– Being aggressive
– Staying focused
– Slap shots
– Having fun at games
– Reading the play
– Skating
– Missing the puck when it goes by me 😦
– Speed
– Eyesight and being engaging with my defence
– Aerobic fitness
– Back check when I lose the puck
– Make more practices
– Positioning
– Skating

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